AGNI: Bringing the Web Back

by David Ebenbach

When we told some of our former contributors that we were starting a blog, one of them noted that “blog” is a pretty ugly word. And it is a pretty ugly word; it suggests, maybe, a gelatinous creature that comes down from outer space to smother us in cat gifs, lolz, and rambling meditations on that day’s breakfast.

You know, I think something significant got lost when, way back in the 20th century, the word “weblog” dropped its clear reference to “web.” Because the web part of the weblog is often more interesting than the log part. It reminds us that the internet is supposed to be about more than just self-expression; it’s also supposed to be about interconnections.

For sure that’s how we’re thinking about this blog here at AGNI, where we’re very interested in bringing things together. We’re envisioning this as a space where connections can be made between seemingly disparate happenings in the world of writing and art; between a person’s creative work and that person’s life and ideas; between our authors and readers; between the conversations happening in our magazine and the conversations happening outside it; between apparently contradictory ideas; between one art form and another; between different pieces that we’ve published; between the ugly and the beautiful; between writers and other writers.

And so: Sit back in the web and make yourself comfortable. Or make yourself uncomfortable. Or both. Welcome, in other words, to the between space.

Final Monkey

2014 Hairston 08In addition to being the blog editor for AGNI, David Ebenbach is the author of five books of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, including, most recently, the poetry collection We Were the People Who Moved (2015), winner of the Patricia Bibby Prize. Find out more at


3 thoughts on “AGNI: Bringing the Web Back

  1. Thank you for the invitation. AGNI has always been at the forefront of my thoughts (our thoughts) about what a literary magazine is designed to do. And so thank you for the weblog,
    a tool and a server, to provide us with a greater sense of community. I offer a word, a color really, in French it is juane, in American English, yellow. It weighs heavily. But it enlightens as well! Try using it in a poem or prose piece, it might surprise!

    Allen Hagar


  2. I offer another reply. It is a response to a poem. The poem on the contemporary scene, by Josephine Yu, titled “Prayer to Saint Joseph: For the Restless.” It is on AGNI Online. It is a wonderful piece of writing, a lyrical effort, a roller coaster of a poem, a sweater and a jumper together… The editor’s description as witty is quite apt.

    Allen Hagar


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