Check out AGNI’s September newsletter!

In this month’s AGNI newsletter, news on the subscription raffle, information about issue 81, and an essay by our editor Sven Birkerts on the “complex and exacting” process of editing, which he says is “a good deal more than the various fusses and fidgets that many people believe it to be. In truth, it asks the deepest sort of immersion in what the New Critics called ‘the words on the page.’ Editing partakes of the patient-doctor kind of intimacy. It is close-reading in the extreme. It is also the call-response process that authors dream of, though they often don’t know it until it happens.” Check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Check out AGNI’s September newsletter!

  1. Thank you for taking us into the library to see the passions that make AGNI the best. The thicket that is the edge of the forest might be thorny and vine covered, but the white pine that towers over us is still home to the clear-eyed hawk on high. Keen.


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