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Check it out, AGNI readers—fresh, new work online at our main website:

“What we say to others we also say to ourselves. We hear the words we say; it can be no other way.”
“Sibboleth,” an essay by Dan Beachy-Quick

“No two loves the same,/but ever afterward//an absence makes itself known.”
“First Boyfriend,” a poem by Chase Twichell

“And then the foreman, who had seemed to sigh, and had once or twice covered his eyes with his hand, as if he were tired, looked around the table again at each of them in turn, and asked whether any of the rest of them really thought that it was possible, whether they believed in magic or some mysterious power that could lift a two-ton truck straight up into the air from a shaded street in the city and drop it down on a deserted dirt road several miles out of town.”
“Jury Duty,” a short story by William Virgil Davis


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