Villanueva Siasoco, Hill, Starbuck: New Work Up at AGNI Online!

We’ve got great new work up on the main AGNI website!

“Are you a writer without a country? Do you write what you know, or, as Borges and Garcia Villa located themselves, in a purely imagined place?”
“Pinays,” an essay by Ricco Villanueva Siasoco

“They stare at her bulging in her tight-stitched taffeta, champagne not necessarily a color for virgins. She told her friends and mother and aunts that she was too tan to wear white, and not that she and Jonathan had had sex once they were engaged, not that she couldn’t see her bottom ribs anymore. It was true she hadn’t known she was pregnant back in July when she bought the dress.”
“Seam Ripper: A Prose Sestina,” a short short story by Kathryn Hill

“I fell asleep among the horses
and before I knew it, the battle was
over and Sparta was mine.”
“I Fell Asleep among the Horses,” a poem by Kathryn Starbuck


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