Stanford, Mandelstam, Lavochkina, and Teicher: New Work Up at AGNI!

We’ve got fresh new work up on the main AGNI website—poems by Eleanor Stanford and Osip Mandelstam (the latter translated by Svetlana Lavochkina), and a story by Craig Morgan Teicher. Check it out!

Stanford“residents of small hope
and coal smoke make peanut butter
sandwiches or bicker, or sing
their coal-tinged lullabies”
“Centralia,” a poem by Eleanor Stanford

“the basic unit can only be
affirmative: the soft
gray rain fogging
the windows. Palm
on palm.”
“With J., Discussing Grammar in the Anarchist Coffee Shop, West Philadelphia,” a poem by Eleanor Stanford

Lavoch“Moscow Drizzle…hands out its sparrow coolness
in such a parsimonious way:
a bit to us, a bit to bushes,
a bit to cherries on the tray.”
“Moscow Drizzle,” a poem by Osip Mandelstam (translated by Svetlana Lavochkina)

“The shade goes purple, ever deeper”
“Impressionism,” a poem by Osip Mandelstam (translated by Svetlana Lavochkina)

“Shining milestones won’t stop us,
We will walk without turning,
Dawn to dawn, light-laden lanterns
Under heaven’s violet awning.”
untitled poem by Osip Mandelstam (translated by Svetlana Lavochkina)

Teicher“He gets as far as the subway station in front of the American Apparel a block from his building before realizing there is no world beyond his mother to run to.”
“The Child Runs Away,” a story by Craig Morgan Teicher


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7 thoughts on “Stanford, Mandelstam, Lavochkina, and Teicher: New Work Up at AGNI!

    1. And you’ve just gotta love the play of words, the music and the rhyme, the path from “stop us” to “turning,” to “lantern” (lan-turn) to dawn of “awning,” a joy of sound so Mandelstam I am told. So modern, so true. ABH.


      1. The music is non-stop. A rhythm of sounds meant to be spoken aloud, a patterning in translation I do believe, a patterning in creation of two minds, the learning of a craft, the creation of a design, a music and a rhyme, a modernity of thought, the logic of the surreal is found. ABH.


  1. And the poetry goes on; how special, how merry, how gay! Sparrows on the way to a cherry on the tray! The purple Mandelstam carries forth is in a patterning of sounds, the rose abounds, a lilac shrub awareness in the loudness of the truth, an imprisoned truth from the heart of the artist’s cell. ABH.


      1. So what should we add to Stanford’s “Centralia,” a note of thanks for a story of historical note in Eastern Pennsylvania? A Gift of French “or” to add to the glittering golden ore of the coal fire’s smoldering blaze? Or a possible breathlessness to the gaze?

        As the taste of the coffee from the Anarchist Coffee Shop is bitter-sweet, a sugar made to order, the niceties complete the thought. ABH.


  2. For his representation of a mother’s love, Craig Morgan Teicher’s story, “The Child Runs Away” succeeds in touching our memories of motherhood and neighborhood. The Good Neighbor. ABH.


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