Lewis, Chang, and Lowe: New Work Up at AGNI!

We’ve got fresh new work up on the main AGNI website—a review of Don DeLillo’s Zero K by Woody Lewis, a poem by Victoria Chang, and a story by Charles Lowe. Check it out!

“DeLillo embraces the mythology of self. His first novel Americana tells the story of self-exploration in the form of a road trip. In Great Jones Street, Bucky Wunderlick explores his musical self without leaving his East Village hideout. Mao II dramatizes Bill Gray’s retreat into himself, while Underworld does the opposite in describing Nick Shay’s escape from his childhood self. The post-Shay novels show DeLillo grappling with his own games of time and infinity: the ghost character in The Body Artist, the eponymous falling man. He turns more inward in these works, past exploring to eulogizing his inner qualities, what Jeffrey in Zero K calls ‘my little felonies of self-perception.’”
“Zero K: Ars Longa, Ex Machina” by Woody Lewis


chang“Barbie Chang should have seen
the signs should

have noticed the signs in the street
that were backwards”
“Barbie Chang Should Have Seen” by Victoria Chang


lowe“The game is called Lose a Foreigner. First, have the foreigner point (the right index finger only!) at a Gucci purse or zippered Prada bag or vice versa. Then, advise him not to look too closely at the fake gold clip. A fake gold clip can blind a foreigner to the possibility of a fine from an overly vigilant customs official. Afterward, walk away from the laowai. Finally, doing the best sexy walk possible, stroll up to a dealer.”
“The 250 Foreigner Game” by Charles Lowe


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