Mehta, Jenkins, and Hoffman: New work up on AGNI!

We’ve got great work up on the main AGNI website—a reprint of a review of Derek Walcott’s Tiepolo’s Hound by Diane Mehta, and fresh new poetry by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins and Richard Hoffman. Check it out!

AGNI Mehta“Walcott creates compelling narratives, and, along with V. S. Naipaul, he has introduced to the West the richness and complexity of the Caribbean. It’s a place, the public now understands, where epics happen.”
“Walcott, Pissarro, and the Search for Tiepolo’s Hound” by Diane Mehta
AGNI Jenkins“Today is a crash course on moving gently.
How to take a gift from someone so gingerly
they believe they still have it.”

“Horses Explain Things to Me” by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins
AGNI Hoffman“I was lifted up
on someone’s shoulders.

All in one memory all I need.”
“Hurricane” by Richard Hoffman






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